yay! comic -ish :D

A little comic filler - i couldn't resist giving jayko his own battle coat :D what do you think?

oh! and last weeks comic:

site was down last week, but it came back up the same day we found it down - yay for marc! :D

Battle Ready?

anyone wondering where this weeks comic was? well, wonder no more:

sorry its a couple days late. i couldn't quite finish it before i went internet - less for a few days :(

con news and pics and comics of course.

okay, so this is the comic that went up when i was in boston for the con, though its a little late now:

and here is this weeks!

sam with comics

I can't believe its friday already! where has the time gone, seriously?

it was great seeing our very own Sam at Anime Boston this weekend! i'm really glad she came :D
i find it ENDLESSLY amusing that she forgot to tell her boyfriend she was IN a comic. then one day he finds it on his own and is literally stunned.

and then i was asked to draw a commission based on the comic - they went for jayko the gryph kitty but hey! and i sold a few of the new prints as well...

first bards commission ever  - colored

away to a convention in boston - but there WILL be a comic!

now, don't forget that i will be in boston this weekend for Anime Boston - please remember to check the site DIRECTLY for this fridays update - because i won't be able to post to facebook, or to Livejournal, or even check my email. about all i can do is tweet. Ok so technically i CAN post to facebook thru my twitter, but it won't go to the facebook bards comic fan page, so the point is still valid...

site: is here

Comic ahoy!

Next week, be prepared for a scene change :D

so, i made a few mistakes in this, i think. for one, jack and i look almost the same size when i should be smaller. :( thats my biggest complaint *sigh*