Tuberat (tuberatn) wrote in thebardscomic,

Bards Comic updates

Let's Usher in the new year! I think i've done pretty decently keeping up this year, with tons more to go. Here is, in fact, the current comic!

Magical Bestiary Strip #18:

And now, I'd like to mention the Maroon Bardic Kitty T-shirts i had in that special pre-order package a while back.

Currently, I do not have enough pre-orders to actually AFFORD an order. I'm going to put this back out there till the end of March, and if I don't get another 8 orders, I'm going to scrap the project and refund money to those who actually purchased this shirt.

Since right now I do not have shipping being charged (which is why I have taken all tees briefly off the market), I will include the shipping as part of the price of the shirt as a pre-order item. Please specify size in the order - and if you can't, email me after. THank you!

Cost is: $12.oo per shirt, no matter the size.

Maroon Bardic Kitty T-shirt Pre-Order

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